About Mars Burnell -

If you have always wanted to paint Watercolors ...jump in...there's no deep end in a bowl of water.

Life has a way of suggesting to you...why you are 'here.'

Every time I put brush to paper...and showed some one the finished work...their smiles would blind me.

Talent is a gift...to be shared...and you are the beneficiary.

The techniques within Active Watercolor Workshops evolved as I began teaching watercolor painting.

I listened closely to the comments of my workshop attendees.

And I began to realize participants did not know the basics - of line, form, color, sometimes...even how to hold a brush for a desired affect - and more.

One comment in particular sticks in my mind..."If I do another butterfly...I'll scream!."

You see - a presenter, who is in love with a particular subject can totally miss the point in an art workshop.

Which is: it is not what the presenter wants to paint - the fun is in what the developing artist wants to paint.

That is why I continually develop new video ebooks on new subjects.

People want to explore, express themselves... find out which subjects, themes, approaches ... work for them.

Now is the time...to pick up those brushes...and really have fun.

Welcome...to the marvelous, magical world of water color with Mars Burnell.

* Teaching Active WaterColor Workshops in Southern Arizona since 2012.